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FARE's Special Allergy ALERT NOTICES

Food Allergy Research and Education manufacturers' recalled products list due to undeclared food allergen(s)

Kids with Food Allergies Food Allergy ALERTS

U.S. FDA and USDA Food Allergy Recalls

FDA product recalls (last 60 days)

List of mainly class I product actions, recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts in the last 60 days

FDA enforcement report index

Lists of all product actions and recalls by year. "You can sign up to receive FDAs enforcement report.Whereas not all recalls are announced in the media or on our Recalls press release page, all recalls monitored by FDA are included in FDA's weekly Enforcement Report once they are classified according to the level of hazard involved. Users now have five different ways to retrieve FDA's recall information."

Food Allergy Research and Education  

FARE serves as a communication link between the patient and others

Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center

Directed by Hugh H. Sampson, MD internationally reconized allergist provides comprehensive clinical care for food allergy patients; daily management, nutritional issues, prevention, diagnostics, novel therapies; Cutting edge clinical care for food allergy disorders; Goal is to devise definitive, curative therapies for food allergic disease

Food Allergy

Facilitates information sharing among nonprofit organizations in the field of food allergy around the world;  Established by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network in 1999.

Izzi B's Allergen-Free Bakery

Izzi B's bakery located in Norwalk, Ct supplies products free of gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, all nuts, and casein.  No preservatives, no trans-fats, no refined sugar and cholesterol free.  They are also vegan & kosher certified as well as celiac friendly. All ingredients are either all-natural, organic or Fair Trade.  All food coloring's are made of natural derivatives of plants.  Ships frozen and freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and more across the country

Kids With Food

Provides a forum for parents and resourses to assist families in caring for their children with food allergies and to assist thoses who are financially unable to afford the expense of allergen-free foods, elemental, or hypoallergenic formulas, emergency emblem fees or other essential items for managing food allergies

Food Allergy

Non-profit organization dedicated to a strategic, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to food allergies; raises funds toward the effective treatment and cure for food allergies

Gluten Free Passport
Information on traveling around the world and eating allergy free; US chains with gluten and allergy free fast food

You Tube Video

3 minute video--Kids living with food allergies. Explains what it's like to be a kid dealing with food allergies. Find out from these children, who spend every day avoiding peanuts, milk, eggs, and other foods.

Michael Saffioti Story

Video of man, Michael Saffioti, 22 dying inside jail. After the guard desk reassures him his oatmeal is safe to eat and he takes a few bites - on misdemeanor warrant first morning in prison

Johns Hopkins Children's Center 

Allergy and Asthma News Tips on Oral Immunotherapy Research Study and Teens with Food Allergies Take Reckless Risks

Robert A. Wood, M.D.

In 3 minute video Dr. Wood answers questions on "immunotherapy" to treat milk allergy, and says, "Food allergy will be a treatable disease"; Director of Ped. Allergy and Immunology--Info on current and planned food allergy research of which Dr. Wood is principal investigator of 19 research studies and co-investigator of five other studies

Here you can click the video of Dr. Wood discussing food allergy and findings of followup study

Food Allergy Research and Education

Video highlighting benefits of food allergy research

Mount Sinai Food Allergy Institute

Contact information Hugh Sampson, M.D. has focus on mechanisms of immunotherapeutic strategies for treating food allergies including basic studies and clinical trials in oral, sublingual and epicutaneous immunotherapy and the potential use of biologics, such as anti-IgE and anti-cytokine monoclonal antibodies. His research is funded by a number of grants from the National Institutes of Health, including the recently funded Exposure to Vaginal Microbiome in C-section Infants at High-risk for Allergies – A Pilot Study. Dr. Sampson supervises one clinic/week in pediatric allergy and is involved in teaching fellows and residents. He is an Associate Editor of Pediatric Allergy & Immunology, past-president of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, and a member of the National Academy of Medicine.

The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

A research study on “Food allergy: Epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment” by Drs. Hugh Sampson and Scott Sicherer summarize the risk factors for developing food allergy--states “A plethora of risk factors are proposed to influence food allergy or sensitization, including sex (male sex in children), race/ethnicity (increased among Asian and black children compared with white children), genetics (familial associations, HLA, and specific genes), atopy (comorbid atopic dermatitis [AD]), vitamin D insufficiency, dietary fat (reduced consumption of omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids), reduced consumption of antioxidants, increased use of antacids (reducing digestion of allergens), obesity (being an inflammatory state),28 increased hygiene, and the timing and route of exposure to foods (increased risk for delaying allergens with possible environmental sensitization)

Manifestations of Food Allergy: Evaluation and Management

Article by Scott H. Sicherer, M.D. at Mount Sinai School Of Medicine, NY, NY.  Informational and comprehensive article published in American Academy of Family Physicians News and Publications  


Information, empathy, understanding, website links and e-books on dealing with allergies


Information on food additives

FDA Statement of Policy for Labeling and Preventing Cross-contact of Common Food Allergens

FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators

To report adverse reactions or other problems with FDA regulated products.

Consumer Alert Blog: Toys May Contain Allergens: play dough, finger paint, chalk, stuffed animals, science kit


Group of physicians enjoy helping patients who have allergic conditions; recipes on website

National Coalition for Food-Safe Schools

Internet-based school food safety resourse for preventing foodborne illness

Medic Alert

Offers services, products, wide array of emblems and chains recognized around the world by response personnel and law enforcement.


Provides a guide to college bound students with disabilities; Lists disability resources, news, and articles relating to Section 504 of ADA; Regardless of disabilities students will be able to receive the education that they deserve.


A parent's Guide to Section 504.

Mothers Of Children Having Allergies.  A group of parents of children with Food allergies, sharing information, and supporting each other. "Check your 504 plan accomodations--make sure you have in writing that your child's classroom will be allergen-free 100% of the time."

The Candida Diet. com

Relevant article on Gluten Free Diet helpful for children and adults and details on an 'Anti-Candida' diet on main website

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Works to develop and implement public policies to improve the quality of life for people with asthma and allergies; Offers educational programs and tools for patients and health professionals; Funds research grants for both asthma and allergies.  Asthma, allergies, seasonal allergies, and food allergies affect over 60 million children and adults in America and result in two million emergency room visits, 500,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths each year and cost the U.S. economy more than $25 billion annually. 

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

Allergy and asthma informational material, scholarships, and support organization; Joint statement on FDA investigation of link betwenn Singulair and suicide.

Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities

Parent teacher guide to learning disabilities

Website is devoted to ideas about treatment for asthma and allergies by editor Henry Ehrlich, who has written two books about the work of Dr. Xiu-Min Li concerning the use of traditional Chinese medicine for allergic diseases; Keeps abreast of new developments in science and practice, medical marketplace, legislation, and regulation around the world. Also, lists of relevant journal articles and research studies on food allergies and asthma 

U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH), provides links on food allergy journal articles, clinical trials, statistics and research, videos and tutorials 

NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases

Plane travel can be tricky and complicated for those with severe food allergies due to the lack of clarity among airlines and their policies concerning travelers with common food allergies so they provide a guide that gives unique flying tips for both domestic and international travel, and a chart of the major airlines and their policies for how they accommodate the safety of passengers with common food allergies.

Article on: How to Fly Safely with Food Allergies

Food Allergy Angel. com

The Emily Vonder Meulen website seeks to raise awareness, educate, raise funds for scholarships, to benefit food allergy programs and research through the Emily Vonder Meulen Memorial Fund, which was created in memory of Emily, who fell victim to her food allergies

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